Kansas City Lyra Chapter
Members of the American Harp Society

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About KCLC


The Kansas City Lyra chapter is a non-profit organization run by it's board and members. We are a collective group of performers, teachers, students, and harp enthusiasts. Our mission is to educate, inform, promote, and inspire those who share our enthusiasm and love for the harp; to encourage and instruct the present generation, as well as the ones to come. We are the local chapter in the Greater Kansas City Area for The American Harp Association. For more information about The American Harp Association, visit their website at:http://www.harpsociety.org/

Besides the flute, the harp is the oldest known instrument in the history of mankind. It is the only instrument that still uses gut strings, which resonates more sound. The mellow and soothing sound it brings makes it one of the most loved instruments, said even to have healing powers. We as harpists and harp lovers seek to pass down this musical tradition to the future generations, so the harp may continue to nurture and soothe.